About Poi

Poi is run by the specialist hospices of Auckland with the aim of supporting palliative care capacity in primary care (general practice and residential care facilities).

Poi MDTs offer consultation and education for clinicians, and do not see clients directly. Poi promote the use of evidence based tools in the early recognition of need for palliative approach to care (last 6-12 months of life). Having holistic conversations with clients and whanau around planning for the future and supporting quality of life. Clients can have a Poi plan (PPA) and be referred to hospice later if needed. Poi is not for clients who are already under active care of hospice.

Poi Plans - Palliative Pathway Activation

  1. Recognition: Using assessment tools SPICT, AKPS, Phase and Trajectory; is the clients likely in their last 6-12 months of life?  Do they currently have complex symptom management needs or psychosocial needs that require specialist palliative care? Yes – hospice referral, no – Poi PPA (may refer to hospice later if needs change)

2. Have conversation(s) with your client/and whanau about future planning and ways to support their wellbeing. You may wish to review your client’s ACP or Interrai assessment with them

'A Model for Engaging Māori in Advance Care Planning (ACP) Conversations'

3. Submit a Palliative Pathway Activation (plan) based on this conversation(s) through TUKU web portal or PMS advance forms (for Medtech32, evolution, My practice). 

For technical support contact us HERE

You will receive $150 +GST for each PPA submitted. *1PPA per client.

4. Receive feedback from Poi MDT with advice and resource for you in the care of your patient, resources for client/whanau to access, and ongoing support by email/phone/in person from Poi MDT. 

Poi Palliative Care Link Nurse

Assisting the delivery of quality Palliative Care services in your workplace?  Read more about the Poi Link Nurse programme.

Education and Consultancy

Poi MDTs offer free education around palliative approach to care, using the assessment tools, having conversations with clients and whanau, as well as palliative care related topics tailored to you and your staff’s needs. Please contact your local Poi team to discuss your education needs. 


Contacts and FAQs

How is Poi different to ACP? 

Poi sits ‘downstream’ from an ACP in that anyone can do an ACP at any time verse Poi is targeting recognition of the last 6-12 months of life. This is the time where a client’s condition and goals of care are changing. Having a plan would reduce ‘crisis’ or ‘surprise’ episodes.

What if my client does not fit the tools? (Likely over 12 months or less than 6 months to live)

If your client likes have over 12 months (does not fit SPICT tool or AKPs high considering trajectory), please consider doing an ACP and keep monitoring the client for changes. If your client is too unwell (likely less than 6 months), please refer to your PHO or facility policy regarding what other plans are suitable.

Do I need to update/resubmit the PPA if things change? 

No, you do not need to resubmit a PPA, you may wish to update the client’s care plan as their condition change. You are welcome to contact the Poi MDTs by email or phone if you need further resources or advice.

What funding is available to do a plan? 

A one off payment of $150+GST for each PPA submitted (1 PPA per client). This is based on the client being suitable for Poi PPA based on the tools, this is not tied to any other criteria. The payment is generated on submission of the plan and paid via POAC, you do not need to submit an invoice.  Payments are made 20th following month and a Buyer Created Tax Invoice/Remittance will be emailed.  Contact with any account questions.

What if the client becomes too complex to manage in primary care? 

If the client already has a PPA and then becomes too complex to manage, please refer to your local hospice for specialist palliative care. If the client does not have a PPA and they have complex needs, please refer to hospice instead of doing a Poi PPA.

What if my practice is not using Medtech32/evolution or my practice? 

Plans and feedback are sent and received via Web portal TUKU – please contact if you require login details.  

I have questions or would like someone to present at my practice/facility.

Please contact your local Poi MDT by email or phone if you have any questions or would like a presentation at your workplace. 


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