What is Poi?

Poi is an Auckland wide approach to primary palliative care.

Patients are identified in the community who are in the last 6-12 months of life and then strategies put in place to improve this time for them and their family.

The initiative centres around a Family / Whanau meeting, which then produces a plan for the lead clinician to implement, supported by the local hospice.

The Poi PPA

A Poi PPA is a plan you and your whanau make with your GP and/or practice nurse if you you’re your home in the community. Or through your facility nurse if your home is in residential care.

This is a plan to support your quality of life, to help you and your whanau be informed, and plan ahead for when your health condition becomes end stage. Planning is done during one or more family meetings with your clinician.

A Poi team will review your plan and support your GP and nurses with advice and resources as they continue to care for you in the community.

Talk to your nurse or GP about whether a Poi PPA is suitable for you or your loved one.

*This service is free of charge for you and whanau.

*The Poi team will not contact you or provide direct care.

*The Poi PPA is not a referral to hospice. You can still be referred to hospice later if you develop symptoms or psycho-social needs that require specialist input.  

What is Palliative Care Brochure

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