Education & Resources

Poi MDTs offer free education around palliative approach to care, using the assessment tools, having conversations with clients and whānau, as well as palliative care related topics tailored to you and your staff’s needs. Please contact your local Poi team to discuss your education needs. 

​ Working with residential care

A large number of patients who would benefit from a palliative care approach are living in residential care facilities and these facilities have experience and expertise in providing this care. The Poi MDT-IR service is intended to work with facilities to understand how they work, their needs and to develop their existing capacity to provide holistic palliative care.

Providing tailored packages of support

The way the Poi MDT-IR service engages with residential care facilities and the methods used to support capability and capacity development will be tailored to the needs and context of each facility. This may include:

  • Policy review and advice
  • Shared case review and debrief
  • On-site education sessions
  • Coaching and advice.

Poi Plans - Palliative Pathway Activation

Recognition: Using assessment tools SPICT, AKPS, Phase and Trajectory; is the clients likely in their last 6-12 months of life?  Do they currently have complex symptom management needs or psychosocial needs that require specialist palliative care? Yes – hospice referral, no – Poi PPA (may refer to hospice later if needs change)

Have conversation(s) with your client/and whanau about future planning and ways to support their wellbeing. You may wish to review your client’s ACP or Interrai assessment with them

'A Model for Engaging Māori in Advance Care Planning (ACP) Conversations'

Submit a Palliative Pathway Activation (plan) based on this conversation(s) through TUKU web portal or PMS advance forms (for Medtech32, evolution, My practice). 

For technical support contact us HERE

You will receive $150 +GST for each PPA submitted. *1PPA per client.

Receive feedback from Poi MDT with advice and resource for you in the care of your patient, resources for client/whānau to access, and ongoing support by email/phone/in person from Poi MDT. 



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