Poi Link Nurses

The Poi link nurse programme develops palliative care nursing champions within residential care and general practice and forges collaborative relationships to support greater communication and access to hospice services, education and advice.

Formal Palliative Care Education Programme

1. Orientation Workshop

A one-day workshop at a local hospice with other nurses working in the sector who are passionate about palliative care. A payment of $400 will be paid to your organisation from your local hospice to contribute towards the costs of backfilling a nurse while they are on the programme.

2. Practical training and experience

Nurses will receive two days of immersion and on the job training at their local hospice. This may occur in the inpatient unit or with the community palliative care team with support from a hospice-based preceptor. As well as developing skills in working with a palliative care approach, nurses will learn about the people and teams working in their local hospice and the services they can offer. 

3. Palliative care champions

Link nurses who have gained experience within their local hospice will be recognised as palliative care champions. They will be able to support the identification of patients who would benefit from a palliative care approach, develop palliative care plans, and provide support to other staff in the organisation.

4. Ongoing education & support

Link nurses will be supported by quarterly meetings that provide the opportunity to network with other link nurses and respond to ongoing education and information needs.

A view from a Link Nurse

Sheryl Pawley talks about her experience


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